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About Me

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY I was often annoyed as a kid when my dad would stop and talk with many folks in the neighborhood. He had an astounding way with people.

I took many things for granted then. Since 1998 I have learned to appreciate the rich diversity of folks in Northern Colorado.

As for photos it's often a very personal experience for many, be it headshots or events with hundreds of attendees.​

I've been doing this 20 years and am glad to channel my dad's way of connecting with folks!



Years Experience

2017-06-28 17.41.35.jpg

Your Experience

Most folks express that a shoot with me was easy, comfortable and just what they needed. That's my goal! My Google Reviews reflect that.


I welcome your input since the finished product always has multiple visions.

My Hobbies

I love to cook and often experiment with sometimes random ingredients on hand. A bit like photography - creating something new from familiar surroundings. I love hiking with my partner and how she inspires me!

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