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It's not just about you and your family, it's about you and your family to come. You want them to have a visual history of the people they love and who love them, and how families grow and change over time. To be able to look back on photos that show the moments when their parents were young and in love, or when they were just born (and looking adorable), or even when all together. Being able to see all this through photography can help keep a family connected even if they live far from each other—which makes getting some family portraits done extra important!

Family photography is about capturing the essence of family life. A good photo is a window into the lives and relationships of people, it shows us what makes them unique as individuals while also highlighting how they relate to each other in group photos. This means that when you take pictures with your family, you want to make sure there's plenty going on so that the viewer will be able to pick up on all those little nuances that make families special.

I hope I've offered some inspiration for your family photography. Remember, there is no one way to do it! As you can see from the examples below, there are many different approaches and styles. I encourage you to experiment with different ideas and try out new things and locations. 




$595.00 (will adjust for smaller groups)


You own and keep all the final photos, no additional fees!

A 75 minute shoot on location (within 10 miles of downtown Fort Collins). ​A family shoot can have many looks. In addition to large group photos, I will shoot various combinations like the group shots, the siblings, the grandparents, the grandkids, the grandparents & the grandkids AND many more combinations!. You own the original high resolution files/photos and every family member has full access to all digital photos for easy download! One location is included in the price and travel beyond 10 miles from Old Town Fort Collins is based on location. Turn around for delivery of all final photos is 7 - 10 business days. 

Payment is due at the time of your shoot.

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