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A Parent’s Guide to Worthwhile Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are no longer the mundane, run-of-the mill, photographs that

they used to be. While your senior may still visit a studio linked with their school for their

yearbook picture, modern senior portraits are an incredible opportunity for you and your senior

to show off who they truly are. Many parents find the number of options out there for

professional portraits overwhelming, so I’m here to help! How do senior portraits work? What

makes them worthwhile?

Why Professional Senior Portraits are Worth the Investment

The biggest reason professional senior portraits are worth the cost: They’re a chance to

preserve the unique person they are becoming at this precise phase in their life. It’s my job as a

photographer to accurately capture your senior’s personality and character. Not only that, but

having professional pictures taken of your high school senior means:

● You’ll have the expertise you need. This includes tips on how to pose without looking

awkward, photos taken in the best lighting possible, and overall, a better aesthetic that

matches who your senior is. This won’t be another DIY fail like their 10th birthday

cake—your expectations are going to be met.

● You can make mementos to remember and celebrate this milestone. This is a

milestone for your senior and for you. Reaching this point is a tremendous

accomplishment for you all as a family! You did it. You’ve raised a young adult you’re

proud of. Celebrate it and create lasting memories by capturing this significant, albeit

fleeting, moment in time.

● You have a fresh opportunity to do something fun and exciting to do together.

Preparing for the portrait session can mean an entire day spent planning and buying a

new outfit, followed by eating at your favorite restaurant. Even if you keep it simple,

you’re welcome to come along and watch your student shine as you see them transform

to the near adults they are before your eyes.

● Your prints of your portraits will be of high quality, instead of too grainy. You’ll

want to show these off! The last thing you want is to have pictures taken that you can’t

print into large sizes to frame. When a professional takes your senior portraits, you’ll

receive the highest quality images.

Tips to Prepare for Your Senior’s Photography Session

● It may seem like a simple task, but plan when to have the session based on your

senior’s schedule. Many students nowadays are busy bees, especially in their senior

year! The experience of having senior portraits taken will be much more seamless and

enjoyable if there are no conflicts in their scheduling of events.

● Speak with your senior about what both of you want for their portraits, and find a middle

ground you’re both excited about. Maybe you want something more traditional, and they

want something more edgy. We can make both happen! The goal is to have both

parents and seniors pleased with the session’s outcome.

● Share your ideas with me. When you know what both of your expectations are, share them! Why do you want them? How will you be using them? What makes your senior unique? What makes them happy? The more a photographer knows, the more perfectly they can express them.

● Know that every person, high schoolers included, approach having their pictures taken

differently. Even if they take selfies like there’s no tomorrow, it can feel different and

more nerve-wracking to have portraits taken by a professional photographer. They might

feel anxious or pressured to have portraits taken a certain way, so consider what is

going to help them relax and be more comfortable. This could even mean a fun day out

beforehand, as mentioned above. And, remember, I always do my best to help clients

feel at ease in front of the camera.

What to Expect From Zebrajellyfish’s High School Senior Photography

My senior portrait sessions are all 60-90 minutes long, include multiple outfit changes, and are a flat rate. You will own all of your high-resolution images with no additional fees, and my turnaround is

typically less than a week. It’s my passion to create unique photographs, and I’m always open to

chat about expectations and suggestions! If you choose Zebrajellyfish for your senior’s pictures,

you can be sure it’ll be worthwhile, fun, and memorable. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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