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Capturing Candid Workplace Portraits with Corporate Environmental Shoots

Corporate environmental shoots differ from typical business portraits since they showcase a person actively in their work environment. The goal is to seamlessly capture someone confidently undertaking their profession in as natural of a way as possible.

Why Are Corporate Environmental Shoots Important?

  1. They look great on business websites. Environmental shoots are even better than studio portraits for public relations. Imagine clicking onto a company’s website and immediately seeing images of exactly what the corporation does, versus on seeing studio headshots. It doesn’t even require much reading to learn what the business does, or how it could affect you, if viewers are able to explicitly see the business in action. It makes a company more transparent, and therefore more approachable. The deeper sense of professionalism gained is extremely beneficial.

  2. They add a unique splash of character. They also add a splash of color outside the usual corporate professional headshot attire. We add an entire additional dimension of personalization when taking corporate environmental shots. While, of course, there is nothing wrong with more uniform headshots, it's harder to stand out. Sometimes, there are two businesses offering similar products or services, and it all boils down to which one stands out more. Any way a company can stand out and seem unique is worthwhile. Creativity can shine through with these types of photoshoots, and that makes a business much more dynamic and appealing.

  3. They build trust in your staff in their area of expertise. Showing someone doing their specialized work makes it a lot easier to believe than simply telling they can do it. Some people fear that taking more candid shots may appear unprofessional—but it doesn’t! Especially when having environmental portraits taken by a photographer who has experience in the area, these more relatable styles of portraits can make a business appear more professional and high-quality than ever. So much personality can shine through when a worker is diligently performing their profession, and the advanced skill and commitment physically seen through photographs capturing this can create lifelong clients who trust the business they are supporting.

Professional headshots or corporate environmental shoots are both great options when looking to promote yourself or your business. The biggest difference is how much extra dimension, creativity, and personality can be added in when in the natural working environment of your profession. Corporate environmental photography can be an exciting new way to stand out in your field. Please reach out if you have questions, or would like to book a corporate environmental shoot with Zebrajellyfish Photography. I’d love to chat!

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