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Effective Photos for Your LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Over a year into the pandemic, you likely need a refresh on how you present yourself to the world. Whether that’s in person or virtually, new headshots and photographs of yourself after pulling through an exhausting time are the perfect way to execute this. If you’re ready to build your connections more, LinkedIn is where many professionals network—and you don’t want to miss out on opportunities because of old, lackluster pictures that don’t accurately reflect who you are. Pictures for your LinkedIn profile are so important!

Pictures for LinkedIn That Get Positive Results

If you were going to a gala with professionals you looked up to, would you show up wearing a wrinkled top and stained jeans? Probably not. Since LinkedIn is essentially a huge gathering of professionals in every field, you want your pictures you share to be akin to how you would introduce yourself in person at a large business event.

Research shows that almost a quarter of the time people spend on people’s profiles is looking at their pictures. What does this mean? If you want to build your network the most, gain interest from recruiters, or have different prospects reaching out to you, it’s critical to make an amazing first impression with your profile picture. Pictures for LinkedIn should be headshots of the highest quality possible where your professional personality shines through. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the most important sentiments to remember are being approachable and authentic.

Dos and Don’ts to Create Great First Impressions on LinkedIn


  • Have a professional headshot taken. Profiles with professional headshots receive over 10 times more visits and over 30 times more prospects reaching out. A LinkedIn profile is a professional digital identity, so you want to be sure to appear as professional as possible, and that your face is taking up over half of the space. A headshot photographer knows exactly how to help you do this.

  • Make sure your photos remain up to date. Even if you think you look great in a picture from a decade ago, don’t use it. You want to be as authentic as possible if building a good impression, so always use a photo that was taken within the past couple of years. It should reflect how you look in a professional setting daily. This includes your hair styling, clothing, accessories, etc.

  • Choose an approachable expression. A smile makes someone look easier to work with than a stern glare. Ideally, you want to be natural and candid, but while looking warm and friendly.


  • Use a selfie or filter. There’s a level of professionalism you want to reach to be given every opportunity you deserve, and taking a low-quality selfie might not cut it, especially when paired with a cheesy filter.

  • Have a distracting background. The more plain the backdrop is, the better! Let nothing take away from your approachable face. That’s where the business is at.

  • Don’t crop a group photo, even if it’s professional. This could reflect a lack of commitment at even trying to connect authentically with others. If you can’t find the time of day to take a photo for your profile, why should they take time to be interested in it?

  • Incorporate props or hobbies. Your profile picture for LinkedIn should be focused entirely on you. If you have certain products or skills you want to incorporate into your profile still, you can add them to an informative cover image that doesn’t take away from your headshot.

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