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Getting it done...

Covid-19 has changed a number of things many may have taken for granted. I have not seen the terrible things taking place in the Health Care world personally and I applaud the tireless work in that community. I also admire law enforcement who are willing to stand in place for human rights and dignity. The strong community of folks, young and old, protesting first as a right and first again for justice. The amazing brave souls working in confined spaces/retail businesses and factories, wearing a face mask for hours on end to keep each other and customers safe especially in the many grocery type stores around the world.

As a photographer, I am down the list when it comes to what's really needed. I have discussed doing work for potential clients, new and past, but I will not be careless. Zebrajellyfish Photography will be mindful, respectful, honest and careful in meeting your needs. I did a shoot last month - a Volunteer Appreciation picnic for United Way of Larimer County. We all stayed a proper distance from each other and I got some nice shots. We often speak of being in new territory but we are also benefiting now from simply paying more attention to one another.

The human race has settled in and taken on new hobbies and delights as we are surrounded by many sad stories and anxieties.

  • More folks are eating meals together!

  • Less meat is being consumed.

  • We are baking more bread than in all our lives!

  • Support for local farms and food producers has risen.

I wish you strength and health as we take Covid-19 one day at a time. Stay in contact with your family, friends, coworkers and strangers. Also, wear a smile behind that mask often because it always transfers to your eyes!

If you want or need a headshot or something else photographed, I am at your service.



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