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Headshot Refresh!

There are many reasons one may opt for a new headshot. There are also various reasons one may not. I'm not going to pick this apart but just like most electronic screens do, a refresh is enabled to make clear what one sees or is watching. It happens often if you're watching a TV set or your tablet or phone. It creates a better experience for the viewer.

A better experience for the viewer...

Headshot Photography in Fort Collins is one of my specialties. I guarantee to get you out fast making the process simple, classy and fun.

When folks search Google for Headshots Near Me or Headshot Photographer, it's a search for a Refresh.

New Business Headshots or Profile Photos lead to new experiences and I'm here to guide you through it, simply and effectively.

All my headshot sessions include rights to the original final photos and a select number of Photoshop edits, which usually is to clean skin tones, brighten eyes and teeth and remove/reduce blemishes.

Call or text me to make an appointment: 970.213.1777

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