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Headshots for Online Dating Profiles

Online dating apps and websites have been taking over for many years now, with plenty of people having amazing, successful love stories come from them. The downfall: they’re all about first impressions from an image.

In the world of online dating, how you’re presented makes a huge difference!

That’s where headshots for online dating come in handy, although you don’t want them to look too staged. Finding a delicate balance of natural and professional is key. Fortunately, I’m here to help.

The biggest goal in taking headshots for a dating profile is to make you look as friendly and approachable as you are in real life. How can we accomplish this naturally?

  1. Wear something reflective of your personality. Headshots rarely involve crazy patterns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun being bold in other ways. These are headshots for online dating—you need to wear clothes and accessories that are true to who you really are. Have a favorite color? Wear it! Enjoy your makeup or facial hair a particular way on Saturday night? Show it off! If you are trying to find someone to date and share a part of your life with, you need to show them exactly how you shine. A lot is reflected by what you wear, so stick to wearing whatever is most comfortable for you.

  2. Make sure you’re smiling or laughing. Unless, of course, you want to go for a more somber look. If that’s your personality, stick to it. Many surveys do show, however, that the biggest mistake people make when choosing a dating profile picture is to not seem approachable. The best way to conquer this is to smile. Laughing is a great way to get the most genuine grin.

  3. Involve your passions. Do you love to play an instrument? Always have a book in hand? Maybe you play a sport? A small item could be an amazing addition to your online dating headshots because it shows what you enjoy or are passionate about. You are looking to tell a story with these headshots—YOUR story. Tell it as accurately as possible.

  4. Flaunt your features. As tempting as it may be to cover up or edit out features you aren’t as fond of, they are a part of you and should be embraced! Covering up any part of who you are from the beginning will end in heartbreak. You are beautiful enough inside and out, show the world the truest version of you.

  5. Have fun! Remember, you could use these headshots for plenty of other things besides dating profiles. You could use them on blogs, social media, as an email avatar, or even just to gift to friends or relatives. Whatever the reason is, though, it’s not enough to stress over. Past clients describe me as easy to work with and someone who makes them feel comfortable, so let me help you while we have some fun!

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