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taking a professional headshot in 2020

This year...

If you want to stand out in 2020 and beyond, or if you’re looking to enhance your career, then you need professional headshot photography services. Many times it’s the first way people get to meet you. Since a photo says lots, you want to work with the best Fort Collins headshot photographer to ensure you have access to the best services on the market!

  • Personal branding

With professional headshot photography, you will be able to showcase true value. Show you're trustworthy, competent and friendly. It also speaks to your personal brand and your interest in helping others.

Showcase your personal style in a clever and unique new headshot. This has been a thing during the pandemic, since many feel it can help uncover new business and networking opportunities.

  • Standing out from the crowd

A headshot opens a door to your story. The way you dress, your hair, clothing and colors speak much about you. The photo background also matters. In the studio a classy and timeless background fits certain moods while an outdoor or urban backdrop can relate a casual easygoing style.

  • Your headshot shares a story

Everything about your headshot is a story. Let me help figure that out with you. I'll help pick options that work best. Personal, Acting, Corporate or Casual headshots convey a brand. Your personal brand. In a large corporate setting it's a great way to show a sense of consistency and value among teams.

  • Headshots are versatile

A professional headshot with me, a Fort Collins headshot photographer, is useful on one's website, in responding to RFQs, speaker engagements, published articles, LinkedIn or any professional presence online.

There's no question, a professional headshot, a refresh, has been a boost in this year of Covid. If you’re looking for the best Fort Collins Headshot Photographer, don’t hesitate and Book Today! I'm here to help you stand out and showcase your professional presence!

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