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The Studio Is Open Again...

It's been great getting back to headshot photography in-house, so to speak. I had suspended use of my studio in Old Town due to Covid since the space is small. Clients were great as we took to the streets of Old Town to capture headshots and we had lots of fun. It's not my first rodeo shooting headshots outdoors. I've done it nearly 20 years and it actually makes for a fun time.

I learned that Covid sometimes put a different look on ones face as we went from a brief discussion of that to the shoot. Headshot photography is not about finding the best headshot photographer as it is about the overall feeling one has meeting the photographer.

I've learned from great people that even the slightest moment makes for a great headshot. Your headshot is an extension and part of your presence. I enjoy the little moments we can share capturing your essence and flavor.

So, book a session for a day & time of your choosing and let's make some wonderful images together.

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