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Urban High School Senior Pictures in Fort Collins

Are you graduating this year and in need of high school senior pictures? It isn’t too late to book a high school senior photography session in Old Town FoCo. Using a more edgy approach to these portraits allows them to be more genuine and unique. That way, you can have this monumental time in your life captured in a way you will be forever proud of.

5 Reasons You Need Professional High School Senior Pictures

  1. High school senior pictures commemorate a huge milestone in your life. You want multiple pictures taken that can capture every dimension of you. After walking school halls for over ten years, you are reaching the end of a milestone you have been working most of your life for! Decades down the road, you want to remember how that feels.

  2. They are a way to celebrate your accomplishments. After all the hard work you’ve put in, you deserve a celebration to reward yourself. The best is yet to come, and that’s thrilling! You’re leaving childhood behind and entering the real world where anything feels possible and you can chase your dreams. There is no better time to have stunning pictures taken of yourself. Let this be a reward for conquering challenges and moving forward.

  3. They will accurately capture your personality at this moment in time. Senior pictures are not the stiff, formal portrait sessions they once were. Nowadays, senior photos done right are close to being works of art. Why? Because they showcase you in your natural element. Let your hair blow wild, wear the edgy outfit you love, and go out and about in your city to capture who you truly are right now.

  4. They can create momentos, such as gifts or graduation announcements. Both family members and friends are proud of the person you have become. They can’t wait to see what your future holds! Making miniature photo albums, buying large prints or magnets with your picture on them, or sending out photograph announcements of your next big step are all fun ways to share your experience with loved ones. Bonus: You may even draw a few happy tears.

  5. They are FUN. High school senior pictures should be an exciting experience! Since it should be a celebration of you, the hour or two that is spent during your high school senior photography session is basically all about how amazing you are. Embrace it and have fun! Having your pictures taken may seem intimidating, but you’ll have a wonderful time.

Zebrajellyfish Photography Can Take the Senior Pictures You Deserve

The price of high school portraits at Zebrajellyfish is a flat rate, and I will give you all the rights to your high-quality images! Have a few favorites? I’ll throw in a photoshopped version of your top five photographs and still have your files delivered with a lightning fast turnaround time. With 60-90 minutes of shooting time and multiple outfit changes allowed, you will be happy not only with the results of the session, but with the experience as well. Soak in the moment, you deserve it!

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