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Zebrajellyfish Photography Celebrates Diversity in Senior Portraits

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A photography session should be a safe space for people of all genders, sexualities, and

ethnicities. After all, the entire point of having your picture taken by a professional is to

accurately represent the unique individual you, and only you, are. When booking a photoshoot

with Zebrajellyfish, please know that we are an inclusive business that respects and celebrates

every one of its clients—just like each of them deserves.

Diverse High School Portraits That Reflect Your Inner Self

Getting through high school is already hard and awkward for many. It can be especially

challenging when one feels they are not welcome because they don’t fit into a traditional gender

binary. Additionally, others are feeling disappointed and uncomfortable about their ethnicity

being underrepresented. The emotions all diverse students are feeling are valid while figuring

out how to express themselves in as safe and inclusive of an environment as possible.

Taking senior portraits that celebrate your diverse background is a good first step in a self-

development process that leads to the truest version of yourself you can be. From the very

beginning, I want our time working together to be as seamless as it can be, however you feel

most comfortable. You can change into all the outfits that scream who you are to the world, as

edgy or bold as you’d like. You aren’t constricted to categories, and you don’t need to give any

explanations. The possibilities are endless, and I am open to any ideas you may have.

My Experience with People of All Genders, Sexualities, and Ethnicities

I work with a lot of people from many varying backgrounds. I’ve worked with transgender and

gender non-binary seniors for portraits, and am very much a LGBTQIA+ inclusive person. I run

this business with the same friendly sentiments. I also have experience working with people of

ethnic or diverse histories, and I promise you this: no matter who you are or how you identify

yourself, in front of my camera is a safe space for you. You are free to express who you truly

are—no holding back. This doesn’t just apply to people in high school, either! Everyone should

always feel like they can be themselves, and should celebrate who that person is.

So, ask yourself this: "If other people’s opinions and standards didn’t exist, what is my ideal

self?" Let’s capture exactly that. Together.

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