Pricing includes travel, full rights to all the final images!

Headshot Photography

$495 to $995 per session (based on number of people in one session). Photoshop edits to a select number of photos. We bring the studio to you, your business or any location of your choice. You own full rights to the photos. No additional fees.

Event/Corporate/Nonprofit Photography

$395 and up. Includes all your images/photos. You own the originals. No additional fees. Corporate meetings, trade shows, etc.

NOTE: Nonprofit photography is highly discounted. Call for rates

Additionally, I offer a unique Photo Booth...

Photo Booth ("Open Style")

$895 and up. Not your typical self-serve tiny strip photo system but a high quality production. You get 5x7 inch photos, with logo and/or text plus a high quality photo folder. This "Open Style" photo booth, also know as "Souvenir Photos" is amazing! This video shows the value!


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